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Rev. Amy is a trained and experienced couples counselor using the Prepare-Enrich Program to help guide couples in forming successful marriages.  This inventory reveals areas of strength and growth for couples, and provides tools to develop where needed.  Each partner individually completes an online questionnaire which is computer scored and generates a report to Rev. Amy.  In follow-up sessions with the couple, she interprets the findings, shares information on their areas of strength and growth, and works with the couple to increase their understanding of one another and develop skills to successfully deal with issues they face.  Communication skills, including assertiveness and active listening, are taught and practiced, as is a method for conflict resolution.

“In using this tool I have often been surprised by how perfectly information is available to be revealed just as the significant issue is coming up for discussion and by how much difference awareness of your partner’s family influences or interpretation of situations eases your attitude and feelings, while still allowing for new choices.”             Amy Aspell

Prepare-Enrich is a multi-dimensional Inventory focusing on many significant issues for couples, such as:  Marriage Expectations & Satisfaction, Personality, Financial Management, Leisure Activities, Sexual Relationship, Health, Children & Parenting, Spiritual Beliefs, Family Goals and more.  It is a rigorously developed and scientifically tested inventory of high reliability and validity.  The program includes many exercises and work sheets designed to help couples develop in various areas.

Marriage is perhaps the most complex of our human relationships and too often couples are not prepared to meet the challenges they will face.  The Prepare-Enrich program is designed to illustrate a couples’ areas of strength and needs for growth and assist them in developing their skills, in order to form a lasting and satisfying marriage.

One satisfied couple says, “Amy brings her warm heart, soulful laugh, and kind spirit into every session, allowing us to feel open and trusting to have her navigate us through the landscape of our relationship.  In her balanced way, she has been a catalyst of growth, deepening, and discovery for us as a couple.”                                       Deanna & Mark
The inventory costs $35 to take online.  Follow-up sessions with Rev. Amy are at a sliding-scale rate of $55-75 / hour.  They can be scheduled in one or two hour periods.

The Prepare-Enrich Program was developed by  David H. Olson, Ph.D.  He is Professor of Family Social Science, University of Minnesota, the author of over 100 articles and books, a Fellow and clinical member of the American Psychological Association and the President of Life Innovations, Inc.  He has received numerous awards for his theory and research contributions.

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