Spiritual Principles

There is a Spiritual Presence in the Universe which is Infinite, Omniscient, Eternal & All-Powerful.

God, being Infinite, means God is within us, around us and through All Creation – we are One.


God’s Law of Cause & Effect determines the unfolding of all experience.


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God’s Power is always available to us to use as we choose, through Love and the Law.


Our dominant beliefs shape & precede everything in the material world – but we can change our beliefs to form a more beautiful experience.


Recitation of Belief

I believe in God, the One Creative Intelligence, operating through the Universe and operating throughout my entire being now and always.

I believe this Perfect Spirit operates upon a Law of Mind and creates my experience exactly according to my belief.

I believe this Perfect Creative Intelligence can be used by me and by every other person to produce health, abundance and love in mind, body and total life experience.  I use it now and I rejoice in it.  And so it is.