Transform Your Life

Anemones at GateHave you been waking up each day only to repeat experiences you have wanted to release for a long time?  There is a way to alter your exper- ience and create more joy, success and fulfill- ment in your life.  Learn the spiritual principles that teach you how, not what, to think – in order to change your experience.  Just as we apply aesthetic principles to create a beautiful piece of art, we apply spiritual principles to create a beautiful life.

The Science of Mind is a philosophy that teaches universal spiritual principles, which when applied, will change your life for the better.  Join a Spiritual Wisdom Studio class or attend the spiritual community gatherings, or come for spiritual coaching or counseling.  Learn & discuss the principles and how to apply them in everyday situations.  Practice the spiritual tools we use to help transform our consciousness.  And gain the support and encouragement of like-minded people to put the principles into action.  Everything in the physical, manifest world began as a spiritual prototype/an idea before it moved into form.  Develop and apply your spiritual skills and make a masterpiece of your life.

       Tools for Transformation

Study & Contemplation:  Learn spiritual principles to apply in life.
Inquiry:  Examine your beliefs & motives to understand self.
Meditation:  Learn to connect with your inner source, the Source of everything.
Spiritual Mind Treatment:  Learn affirmative prayer to help you shift your thinking to change your experience.
Affirmation:  Learn to use the power of your word.
Imagination: Learn to imagine what you want, to verify & receive an outcome you desire.
Visualization:  Practice  drawing from your inner awareness, your intuition or inner guidance.

How You Benefit from Spiritual Work

Understand How Life Works:  Learn how Spirit operates in life and co-creates your experience.
Improve Your Life:  Learn how to change your thinking to change your life.
Experience Peace of Mind:  Know & live in congruence with your principles to be centered within.
Enjoy the Spiritual Adventure of Life:  Dare to live a greater experience than you ever dreamed possible.
Give and Receive Support:  Connect with like-minded people who encourage and enhance your growth.
Empower Yourself:  Build a positive consciousness that helps you overcome obstacles and doubt.
Enrich Your Experience:  Expand your prosperity consciousness and attract good of all kinds.
Live Free of Fear:  Discover the Truth that sets you free.
Create a World That Works for All:  Develop your awareness and contribute to a growing global consciousness of Oneness, manifesting as a better world.