About Us

Our Rev AmyAmy Aspell is the founder of Spiritual Wisdom Studio. She is an ordained Spiritual Leader serving Centers for Spiritual Living since 1999 in California, Idaho and Washington.  She is also an artist with prizes and commissions to her credit in the fiber arts.  As an educator she taught 2-year-olds to 92-year-olds, preschool through college and beyond.  “What is most rewarding is seeing my students blossom as they apply the principles – whether artistic, organizational or spiritual,” she says.  Prior to entering the ministry, she served as the director of the Tampa Community Design Center, the Irvine Fine Arts Center, and the Arkansas State Arts Council where she worked with legislators to pass 5 arts-related bills into state law.  She continues to utilize her leadership skills by consulting for various non-profits from Florida to Washington.  Her background has given her in depth experience with creativity, which is also a core concept of the Science of Mind philosophy in action in humanity.  Her particular focus is on the role of creativity in our human, social and spiritual development.  .

Learn how your own divinely-connected creativity has shaped and formed your life. We create in our individual lives, as God does on the Universal level, according to the process of our creative thought.  Once you understand how this works, you have the capability to  choose something new.  In an atmosphere of acceptance and possibility, be nurtured into empowerment through classes or counseling.  Ceremonies celebrating transitions in your life also support your spiritual growth by taking the time to discern your intentions, making them clear, conscious and declared.

Your inner work is indeed the most exciting of frontiers!  Let us explore the realms of high spiritual adventure as you uncover the secrets in your own soul.  This is a place where you can safely delve into the messiness of life and practice the creative process that cyclically moves from chaos to order.


My mission is to help build beautiful lives by empowering individuals through their understanding and use of the universal spiritual principles described in the Science of Mind.