Spiritual Wisdom Studio offers a range of classes and workshops from an afternoon Vision Collage workshop to picture your intentions for the New Year to an 8-10 week long class teaching the Science of Mind philosophy.   Many of our classes are about applying spiritual principles in particular areas of life such as health or prosperity.

The String Puzzle

The String Puzzle

Classes normally include reading & discussion, exercises and presentation, sharing and  creative applications.  Being in class with like-minded people who are all choosing to make changes or improvements in their lives, really develops a bond of friendship and community that is a true support for transformation.  See descriptions of classes that

Your divinely-connected creativity has shaped and formed your life. And you have the power to re-shape it, if you choose.  In an atmosphere of acceptance, explore how things came to be, discover what you really want,  learn and practice the spiritual principles.  . It is the perfect place of sereniity to release the concerns of your day and to focus on re-designing your consciousness to attract a more appropriate experience of life.   .With  companions, we practice establishing our intentions with clarity and enthusiasm while opening our perception and developing our evaluation of feedback as God’s guidance, keeping alert to staying in alignment with principle.Among out clsses

We find in life , as in art, the creative process cyclically moves from chaos to order when you apply the right principles.